Satellites is funded entirely by its members for its members.

About the fees

In order to ensure continued smooth running of the club, we rely entirely upon the prompt payment of club and training fees by our members. This helps cover the substantial costs of hiring the pool for the large amount of time we enjoy each month and to pay for top-level coaching support, equipment and other running costs.

We also host several galas each year as a way to raise additional funds so that we are able to keep membership and monthly training fees as low as possible. These galas rely upon the goodwill and time offered up by the parents of our members. If you are able to help out with galas, no matter how small your time is, then please speak to any member of the coaching team or committee. It’s all in the interests of keeping swimming affordable and to give your children more opportunities to compete at their chosen sport.

In order to make life bearable for our volunteer workforce, we ask that you pay your fees promptly and electronically if at all possible. For monthly fees there is a Standing Order Mandate form on the Resources page or most online banking services allow you to set the payments up yourself online. For ad-hoc payments (e.g. annual membership fees, club kit orders, social events), please make a BACS transfer with a suitable payment reference that allows us to reconcile the payment to you and what it is for.

The Satellites bank details for payments are:

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Satellites of Macc
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Fee Structure

There are two components to the Satellites fees. The annual membership and the monthly training fees. Every swimmer is also required to be registered with Swim England to allow them to compete in competitions and for insurance reasons. The sections below explain these fees and when they are due.

Swim England Membership Fee

To be able to compete in galas and to ensure adequate insurance during club activities Swim England requires all swimmers to be paid up members of Swim England. To avoid confusion around which galas it is OK to enter, Satellites asks all members to be registered as Category 2 members. This allows your swimmer to enter into any licensed meets (as long as they meet the entry criteria).

For more information on Swim England membership please visit https://www.swimming.org.

The Swim England membership fee is £34.75 and is payable by 31st January every year to Satellites and we will pass it on to Swim England for the entire club.

Club Membership

Satellites has an annual membership fee of £36.00 for each swimmer. This is again payable by 31st January each year. For members joining throughout the year this value is reduced proportionally.

Training Fees

Each squad has associated with it a monthly training fee. These are calculated so that the more hours you swim each month, the smaller the hourly rate is. This keeps the training affordable even as your swimmer progresses through the club. At the AGM, the committee decided to freeze the fees from 2018/2019 into 2020 with a review due in 6 months.

Squad Monthly Training Fee
Bronze Academy £24
Silver Academy £29
Gold Academy £32
Junior Development £40
Age Group Potential £53
Age Group Development £57
Fast Track £68
Performance £73

Worked Examples

One Swimmer in Junior Development

This is the common case and applies to most people. With a single swimmer member, the Swim England and Satellites Membership fees are due annually by 31st January at a total cost of £34.75 + £42 = £76.75. This should be paid by BACS transfer with a suitable payment reference.

The monthly training fees are simply those for the Junior Development squad, £40, and should be paid by standing order or BACS with a suitable payment reference.

Two Siblings: One in Performance, One in Age Group Potential

The annual membership fee and Swim England fee needs to be paid for each child. So that’s 2 x £76.75 = £153.50. This should be paid by BACS transfer with a suitable payment reference by 31st January.

The monthly training fees for performance and age group potential are £73 and £53 respectively. However, the sibling discount means that the £53 Age Group Potential fee is discounted by 20% (£10.60) to £42.40.

The total monthly training fees for both swimmers are therefore, £73 + £42.40 = £115.40, and should be paid by standing order or BACS with a suitable payment reference.


If you need any assistance or help with calculating fees, please contact the Club Treasurer or Membership Secretary. Details are on the committee contact page.