Satellites Academy

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The Satellites Academy provides a pathway for young swimmers to progress from Levels 5/6 and upwards of the Swim England Learn to Swim programme. The Academy is not a replacement for the Learn to Swim programme, rather, it is designed to augment it. We therefore recommend that all Academy swimmers continue to take lessons with their local Learn to Swim provider. If you are looking to begin your child’s swimming lessons, then we can recommend the Learn to Swim lessons offered by Everybody Sport and Recreation. Several of the Satellites coaches and senior swimmers are involved in helping provide these lessons.

Once your young swimmer reaches Stage 5 or 6 then you may wish to consider joining the Satellites Academy. Within the Academy we will help advance a swimmer through learning technical skills and increased levels of fitness and water safety. The Academy sessions are focused on providing a fun learning environment where your children will work on:

  • Improving stroke technique
  • Respecting fellow swimmers with good lane etiquette
  • Building up stamina and fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Learning how to maintain good technique whilst fatigued
  • Educating swimmers on good stroke rate and how to control it
  • Educating swimmers on how stroke rates affect time and efficiency
  • The importance of good streamlining
  • Competitive starts and turns
  • Powerful push offs after a turn

If you are interested in hearing more or would like to arrange a free trial please get in touch.

Academy Structure

The Academy is split into 3 groups. As a swimmer completes the skills for a group they will progress into the next. Upon completing the Gold Academy a swimmer is then offered the option to be promoted to the competitive section of the club.

Bronze Academy
Technical strokes

Swimmers start honing stroke technique with an emphasis on breaststroke and butterfly.

Silver Academy
Technique and lane etiquette

Swimmers continue to improve technique and stamina enabling them to swim 25 or even 50 metres continuously.

Gold Academy
Technical race skills and stamina

Swimmers now begin to introduce speed into their repertoire whilst improving technique even further.