New Swimming Schedule

New Swimming Schedule

Hi everybody, we have finally managed to get the new swimming timetable confirmed with all parties. Apologies for the lack of much notice on this, we’ve been working as quickly as we could since receiving slots from the pool operators and with various people being away on holiday at times.

We’ve worked hard to try to find an optimised schedule that gives all swimmers more time than they had in pre-COVID times and even though we no longer have Bollington to use. To do this with the time slots we have been allotted by the pool operators, we have had to make a few changes to some squad swimming times.

In addition, we have altered things a little to give the senior squads a Saturday evening and Sunday morning off so that they can have a bit of rest and some downtime to socialise.

We hope that this timetable will form a stable basis for the future and that we do not see any further COVID restrictions. As mentioned previously, we are also in the process of securing some times at Kings and Macclesfield Leisure Centre to offer some dry-land based training for the competitive squads. More news on this as soon as we get it.

We appreciate that changing swimming times may adversely impact upon some swimmers who have other commitments. Pleas understand that we have not made these changes lightly. If you are badly affected by the changes, please speak to the coaches or the committee to see if there is anything we can do to help. Please bear in mind that your swimmer’s training times will vary as they progress through the club anyway.

The new schedule will take effect from Monday 6th September. Until then, please continue to follow the Summer Schedule.

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Great to have the senior squads back in whilst we are still waiting for our home pool to open. Hopefully have all our swimmers back in soon!

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