New Year – New Website

Happy New Year!

To round off a great 2018 for Satellites Swimming Club and to welcome in 2019 we have been hard at work creating a brand new website for the club!

It is still very early days for the website and we have many more features planned for it to be unveiled as we go through 2019. If you think there is something critical missing then please do let us know. We will continue to port more content over from the old site and add lots of new features, but we wanted to get something released early to start off the new year with. The old site has served us well but it was time for a refresh in terms of the look and the technology it is based upon.

A website doesn’t keep itself updated with new content though. So if you would like to help out with writing news articles, gala write ups, or even add some content from the perspective of a swimmer, then please speak to Sean or Adam and we’ll get you set up. Many hands make light work!

For now, please make a note of the new training times as there have been a few changes for the Academy, JD and Age Group Development squads. These have already been described in the recent AGM report but now you have a reference with all the information in a single place.

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Great to have the senior squads back in whilst we are still waiting for our home pool to open. Hopefully have all our swimmers back in soon!

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