Competition Entry Guidelines

As the club membership continually progresses, new members to the squads may find it difficult to find information on how to enter competitions, on which competitions to enter and on what paperwork is required when entering.

Please read the bullets below for some guidelines. If you are still struggling, or require some clarification; email the Gala Entry Manager:

  • The fixture (competition) calendar is on the Satellite website here:  Fixtures
  • This calendar outlines all of the competitions that Satellites swimmers will compete in, which level the competition is, it’s location and the closing date for entries.
  • The Head Coach will email out where possible a list of competitions that each squad should be entering, and aim to remind parents of the entry deadlines.
  • To enter Level 1/2 and most Level 3 competitions you will need official times stored on the ASA Rankings Database.
  • Official Times can be acquired through entering a Level 4 competition and some Level 3 competitions (this will be outlined in the Promoter’s Conditions for that specific comp).  You can also enter other Level 4 Competitions to acquire these times..
  • Specific competitions require times that were only achieved at a certain Level of meet. For example, to qualify for a Regional competition, the time must have been swum at a Level 3 meet or above.
  • Entry forms for all of the competitions will usually be posted on the website in the Fixtures list.
  • When you have printed out the form, you need to fill in all of the details correctly. To find your ASA number, go to: , enter your surname and scroll down to find the correct entry. If you cannot find yourself you may not be registered. If this is the case please email:
  • If you are entering your first Level 4 licensed competition and don’t have any times you can just tick the box, or alternatively enter a time from an unlicensed competition, e.g. the Sputnik Series.
  • Payments by cheque for ALL competitions should be made payable to Satellites SC, as once all cheques are gathered the club makes one payment to the competition organiser. Please note that all Non Satellite run competitions require a £2 admin fee to be paid in addition to the entries. This covers the cost of Coaches Passes, Postage and any additional requirements.
  • Some competitions require Short Course times (SC, 25m) and some competitions require Long Course times (LC, 50m). You can use to convert your times either way. Please use the ASA Tables function to convert. Please do this before submitting your form as this speeds up the administration and entry process on the club side.
  • Upon the closing date for entries an all club email will be sent with the names of those whom we have received entry forms. If you should be on the list but aren’t, please email: by the deadline stated.
  • Unfortunately due to the demand placed on our Gala Entry Managers and the tight turnaround time for the entries to be submitted once received; no late entries will be accepted.

As a final note, there are many parents who have been through the same process of learning so please contact someone if you are unsure of anything, whether that be another parent on the balcony, the Coaching Staff or any of the Committee.