What We Look For

Satellites are looking for swimmers up to the age of 16 who have a desire to swim competitively. For swimmers over the age of 12 we ask that they are capable of achieving North Midlands Qualifying times within their first season at Satellites.

The swimming club section of Satellites starts from Stage 8, and we would welcome any swimmers of this level and above to get in touch to arrange a free taster session.

Perhaps you have reached this standard or above and would like to know more about competitive swimming, or would like to see if competitive swimming is for you, or alternatively you may already be a member of a smaller club who would like to add more training and development into your swimming.

Swimmers at Satellites must be prepared to dedicate time to consistently attending their allocated training sessions and be prepared to work hard when they are at training; however, the rewards are numerous for the commitment involved. Swimmers will get fitter, develop competitive instincts, meet people of their own age, develop excellent life skills such as determination and learning to deal with success and disappointment but most of all they will have fun.