Satellites of Macclesfield SWIMMING CLUB

The only Competitive Development status awarded club in Cheshire East.


Satellites of Macclesfield SWIMMING CLUB

Top Club - North Midlands Championships 2014.

Satellites of Macclesfield

Volunteers needed for committee and non-committee roles

Who we are

Satellites is a competitive swimming club, operating in the Premier Division of the North West Arena League, that takes young swimmers of all levels, trains them and prepares them for competition at club, county, regional, national and even international level.

Satellites has an active lessons programme, operating on a Saturday and Sunday morning that both teaches children to swim and acts as a feeder to the competitive club for those with the desire and ability to take their swimming to the next level.  … Read more

What we look for

Satellites are looking for swimmers up to the age of 16 who have a desire to swim competitively. For swimmers over the age of 12 we ask that swimmers are capable of achieving North Midlands Qualifying times within their first season at Satellites.

The swimming club section of Satellites starts from Stage 8, and we would welcome any swimmers of this level and above to get in touch to arrange a taster session.  … Read more

What we achieve

As a team, to maintain its status in the Premier Division of the North West Arena League and be the best competitive club in the North Midlands area.

As individuals, to have at least 5% of the club competing at national level, 25% at regional level and 60% at county and district level. As a development club, to encourage 40 new members to join the competitive club each year – 50% from the Satellites lessons programme and 50% from elsewhere. … Read more